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Broke The Chain Links On Your Jewelry?: Options Jewelry Stores Offer To Fix, Replace And/Or Discard The Jewelry

It does not matter if it is costume jewelry or the finest and purest gold link necklace, breaking some of the links can make your heart sink. Before you throw that jewelry in the trash, take it to a jewelry store. Here are some options offered by jewelry stores that can help you decide what to do with those broken links on your favorite necklaces, bracelets, watches and even earrings. Read More 

4 Ways To Save Money When Shopping For Jewelry

Shopping for jewelry can be quite overwhelming because of the many options that you have. This is especially true if you are on a budget and need to save as much money as possible. Here are four ways to save money when shopping for jewelry: Opt for Silver: Gold jewelry may be your desired option, but gold is much more expensive than silver, so you may just want to opt for that instead. Read More 

Heading To A Music Festival This Summer? Here’s How To Nail The Boho-Chic Look

It's no secret that the hot look at any summer music festival is the boho-chic look that combines 1960s styles with a more tasteful, comfortable air including lace and fringe accents. If you've already purchased your tickets, then the next step in getting the most out of the summer festival circuit is to get the right outfit. Here are some tips for nailing this look this year so you can stand out in the (massive) crowd. Read More 

How To Get Fast Cash With Bad Credit

If you find yourself suddenly in need of quick cash and you don't have the credit score required to get a traditional loan, then you will want to look for other ways you can get cash fast. This article will introduce you to some of the options you have available to you that won't require you to pass a credit check. Get a personal loan You can seek out a personal loan from someone you know. Read More 

The New Shop Owner’s Guide To Displaying Jewelry

Although beautiful jewelry can somewhat sell itself, how you display your pieces is also important. The goal of a display is to highlight the beauty and richness of your pieces to attract the eyes of potential customers. As a new shop owner, deciding how to display your pieces might seem like an overwhelming process; however, if you know what to do it's not quite that hard. Here are some tips to get you started. Read More