Rings That You Can Use to Cover a Finger Tattoo

Getting a tattoo around one of your fingers is an idea that many people like. For example, some people choose simple designs to depict on a finger, while others may get a ring shape when they're married or in a committed relationship. If you reach a point at which you no longer want the tattoo to be visible, you might have an eventual goal of getting it removed. In the meantime, there are other options you can consider. One idea is to wear a ring on the finger in question that is thick enough to cover up the entire tattoo. Here are some rings that can achieve this goal.

Coil Ring

Your local jewelry store likely has a selection of coil rings. As their name indicates, these rings have a coil-like appearance and wrap their way around your finger multiple times. While some coil rings are thin, others can be thicker, making them a good choice for covering up a significant part of the space between the base of your finger and your middle knuckle. In addition to choosing a coil ring with a thick design, you'll want to find something that wraps around your finger as many times as possible. This will be critical for concealing longer tattoos.

Stacking Rings

Stacking rings are a number of individual rings that you wear together on one finger. You can sometimes buy these rings individually in order to create your own stacked set, but you can also find sets that include multiple stacking rings. Stacking rings often come in a wide range of colors and designs, so you'll have no trouble choosing a look that suits your sense of style. This can be another good choice for ensuring that your finger tattoo is no longer visible. Try to either choose a set of thicker stacking rings or opt for a large number of stacking rings for help covering the tattoo.

Wide Ring

A wide ring is a general term that describes a ring that is considerably wider than an average ring. Wide rings can vary in width, but they all share the common trait of having a bulky appearance. You'll find some that span almost from knuckle to knuckle, while others aren't quite as wide but can still be wide enough to cover up your finger tattoo. Share your plan with a salesperson at your local jewelry shop, and they'll be able to suggest a variety of rings that will help you to achieve this goal.