Buying Fine Jewelry: The Top Rules

Most people don't buy fine jewelry very often. So, you may not be entirely sure what the process entails or what you should watch out for when shopping for a nice necklace, a valuable bracelet, or a fine bangle. To some degree, every item is different. However, there are also some top rules you should follow when buying any kind of fine jewelry. Here they are.

Choose your metal, first.

Most fine jewelry is made with either yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver, or platinum. Each of these metals has its own look and characteristics. Spend a little time looking at jewelry made from each metal, and then select the metal you ultimately like best. This will help you focus your search for the perfect piece. For instance, if you want yellow gold jewelry, then from there on out, you only have to look at yellow gold options.

Check the sizing.

Fine jewelry can be resized by a professional jewelry maker. However, paying to have a piece re-sized can be quite expensive. Plus, you might be buying more metal than you need to buy if you just have a jewelry maker remove some of it later. So, if possible, make sure you ask the recipient of the jewelry for their size before you buy. If they know you are buying them fine jewelry, consider having them simply come along so they can try pieces on.

Aim for a versatile look.

When you spend so much on a nice piece of jewelry, you want it to be worn and enjoyed. So, it is generally best to buy a versatile piece of jewelry instead of one that has a very distinct, specific look. For example, it's better to buy a ring with a clear or gray gem than one with a red gem that will only match a few outfits.

Try the clasp.

There are a few different kinds of clasps that can be used on fine jewelry. Some twist closed. Others have a little lever or button. Try the fastener before you buy the piece, and make sure you can operate it easily. Everyone has different preferences; it will depend on your own dexterity and hand shape.

If you follow the tips above when selecting fine jewelry, you will have a better chance of choosing pieces you or your recipient truly enjoy wearing. Talk to a jewelry vendor to learn more.

For more information, contact a fine jewelry store near you.