Selecting High-Quality Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings can be quite beautiful. Additionally, because diamonds are such precious stones, the jewelry pieces can be passed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms. Consequently, many people desire the highest quality of jewelry that they can afford when purchasing diamond earrings.

Here is a bit of information about diamond earrings and selecting high-quality items.

Not All Earrings WIth Diamonds Include Natural Diamonds

The highest quality diamond earrings have genuine diamonds in the settings. Some earrings that are labeled as diamonds are man-made stones. Diamonds that are mined from natural sources are rare and are considered more valuable. If you are looking for the highest quality earrings, be sure that your diamonds are authentic and not lab-created.

Diamond Clarity Matters

The clarity of a diamond is how clear the stone is. A clear white diamond can be difficult to see when submerged in water. The clearer the stone, the greater the quality. Cloudy stones or those with spots or blemishes in the structure are deemed less valuable.

The Size of the Diamond

The most expensive earrings with diamonds have large stones. Diamonds are designated by weight. Diamonds of higher weight have higher numbers of carats. Thus,  a 0.5-carat diamond is generally smaller and lighter than a two-carat diamond.

The Cut of the Diamond

Certain cuts of diamonds are more expensive than others. Round-cut diamonds tend to be quite valuable. Still, the quality of the cut is important. The stone should be cut in a way that reflects the light, enhancing the brilliance of the diamond.

The Color of the Diamond

Diamonds are available in several colors. White diamonds are most often seen in expensive jewelry. Stones of other colors are usually less expensive.

The Metal of the Earrings

Diamond earrings with gold or platinum posts are usually higher in value than those with settings that contain other metals. To ensure that your earring quality and value are high, look for a number followed by the letter K imprinted on the metal of the earrings. The number in front of the "K" denotes the number of karats of gold.

24-karat gold is considered pure gold, but the earring post may be mixed with other metals to make the post harder and more durable. Pure gold is quite soft. The lower the number of karats, the less the actual amount of gold present.

To see an assortment of diamond earrings, schedule a consultation with a jeweler in your local area.