Three Skulls That You’ll Commonly Find In Skull Rings

If you like to wear jewelry that has a tough, menacing quality to it, one product that you may wish to consider is a skull ring. Commonly made of sterling silver, this piece of jewelry tends to be thick and heavy, making it impossible for people to miss when it's on your finger. While you'll occasionally find skull rings that feature a number of small skulls arranged in a specific way, it's more common for these pieces to display just one skull. When you browse a selection of skull rings at a jewelry retailer, you'll find that three types of skulls are often available.


Perhaps the most popular type of skull ring features a human skull, which is a look that can quickly give this ring an eerie appearance. You'll find all sorts of skulls, including some that look pristine and others that look worn or damaged in some way. Some of the skulls have a neutral facial expression, while others have a menacing smile or other scary appearance. There are skull rings that simply feature the human skull on its own, while others have additional design elements on the sides of the ring.


While skull rings that depict human skulls are highly popular, you have other options to consider when you shop. There are lots of rings on the market that feature skulls of various animals. You might find that you simply like the look of one of these designs, but you may also wish to choose an animal that has a special significance to you. If you're a hunter, for example, it can make sense to choose a ring that features the skull of an animal you've frequently hunted for. A rancher may also enjoy the look of a bull skull.


There are also a lot of rings on the market that feature skulls of fictional monsters. The skulls of monsters, some of whom may be recognizable to you if you enjoy watching horror movies, are easy to find as rings. Some rings depict creatures that appear to be half-human and half-animal. In some cases, you'll see rings that make it appear as though a human skull has split open to reveal some type of monster underneath. Finally, you'll also find a selection of horned monsters that offer an intimidating look. Shop for a skull ring that fits into one of these three categories at a jewelry store. 

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