More Than A Ring: Customizing Engagement Rings

Becoming engaged is an exhilarating time for many couples and signifies an everlasting commitment of love and support for one another. While some prefer to be surprised by the design of the ring to be left to their loved one's choosing, others would prefer to customize their engagement ring. Creating an engagement ring can become an exciting opportunity for couples to participate in together and can bring even more meaning to the symbolism of the ring itself. Here are a few factors to consider before designing a customized engagement ring. 

When it comes time to decide on the right design for an engagement ring, The overall functionality is something to take into consideration. As a piece of jewelry that is explicitly purposed to last for a lifetime and worn daily, the ring itself must prove durable. Bands, for instance, should be of a strong reliable material that is resistant to wearing down. Both gold and white gold are the most popular options for the band portion of a ring. Platinum, though more expensive than gold, offers a stronger source of metal to prevent the typical wear and tear that is to be expected. Stones, likewise, should be considered for their quality and longevity. Diamonds, rubies and sapphires are all wonderful examples of stones that will do very well in an engagement ring while softer gems such as moonstones or opal should be avoided. 

While the longevity of an engagement ring is certainly important, the emotional significance behind it is just as meaningful. Designing an engagement ring, therefore, can become a fantastic way for a couple to bond before the wedding. Brainstorming ideas and deciding on a design together can lead to a cohesive vision that both parties will be pleased with. Discovering what is meaningful to each person can influence the design. If the bride always had a fondness for sapphires, for instance, they may wish to incorporate that detail into their ring. If the groom associates symbols such as doves with their loved one, a pattern may be chosen to include that within the band. The band may become as ornate or simplistic as desired and the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to the end results. 

Taking the opportunity to design an engagement ring together is a truly wonderful way for couples to look forward to their upcoming nuptials and married life. Choosing an engagement ring that is both durable and functional will surely be valued as an heirloom that can be passed down to future generations. Customizing the ring to fit each person's individual styles will become a thoughtful way to share their love and values. Not only will the engagement ring itself represent what is most meaningful by the couple but will become a memory cherished for life. Collaborate with a jeweler in your area to design your own custom engagement rings.