Why You Might Favor A Braided Wedding Ring

If you're shopping for wedding bands in advance of your upcoming wedding day, you'll likely have fun considering all of the different design options. If you want to go in a different direction than a plain wedding ring, you might be in favor of a braided style. This type of men's wedding ring has some type of braided pattern along its length and is a popular choice for many men. You shouldn't have trouble finding a braided ring in silver, gold, and even a handful of other materials, especially if you visit a jewelry store with an ample selection of products. Here are some reasons that you might favor buying a braided ring.

The Braid Can Be A Symbol

You might choose a braided wedding ring because of what the braid symbolizes to you. A braid, of course, consists of two strands that are carefully wrapped together, and you may feel as though this is a good analogy for your upcoming wedding. To you, the braid design can represent you and your spouse — two separate people — who are coming together as one. A braid is stronger than the two strands that make it, and you may feel that you and your future spouse will be strong in this manner, too.

It Can Pay Homage To Your Roots

In some braided wedding ring designs, the braid can definitely have a Celtic-style appearance. If your background is Celtic to some degree — for example, perhaps some of your ancestors came from Ireland, Scotland, or Wales — you may feel as though the braided design of your wedding ring is a nice way to pay homage to your roots. This can especially be true if you're someone who has a lot of pride in your background and considers it to be a key part of your identity.

It's A Different Look

It's possible that the braided design of your wedding ring can have a deep meaning for you — but it's also possible that you simply like the look of it. For some people, a braided wedding ring can be favorable because of its uniqueness. Perhaps you want something with a little more of a design than a plain wedding band, but you don't want something overly fancy, such as a band with gemstones embedded in it. A braided design can be a perfect design to give you the unique look that you seek in a wedding ring.