Four Reasons Why You Should Institute A White Glove Rule In Your Jewerly Store

As a jewelry store,you and your staff will work with a number of pieces of jewelry on a daily basis. This can mean jewelry intake from a new shipment, cleaning jewelry, and showing pieces to customers. If you are a jewelry store owner, one new rule that may interest you is having all of the employees wear white gloves when they are handling jewelry. Here are four reasons why employees wearing white gloves can benefit your business. 

More professional appearance

Along with wearing business dress, wearing white gloves when presenting jewelry to customers will make the employees and the shop look more professional. While handling jewelry with bare hands is usually fine, the appearance of hands and nails can sometimes be a distraction. Wearing gloves means that the customer can see the jewelry piece on a blank slate. This also makes the employees look like trusted and professional jewelers. 

Less cleaning of the jewelry necessary 

If employees are always touching the jewelry with bare hands, you may find that rings and other pieces made of metal will show smudges and fingerprints easily. This means that the jewelry will need to be cleaned often. Train employees to wear a pair of white gloves before handling any jewelry to keep it showroom new without needing to clean in. Placing the jewelry on customers will also cut down on smudges and other issues. 

Easily noticing issues in the jewelry

When jewelry is being held up against a skin tone background, it can sometimes be difficult to determine if something is amiss. It is not uncommon for small stones to fall out of an older ring or a new setting that needs to be tightened. Holding the ring against a plain white glove will make it easier to notice a dull ring that needs to be cleaned or a stone that is missing in a setting. This will make sure that you are able to fix any issues with your inventory immediately.

Better grip on metal and stones

Grabbing slick metal or a smooth stone with your bare hands is not always the safest thing to do. It is easy to drop something smooth in your hands, especially if your hands are particularly oily. Dropping jewelry can cause it to become lost, especially if it is a small, loose stone. This can lead to an insurance nightmare for your jewelry store. Wearing dry, white gloves will make it easier to grip metal and stones, making it less likely to drop expensive jewelry around the store.