Jewelry Gifts To Honor Your Mother

Trying to find the perfect gift for your mother or grandmother takes planning, especially since it often seems that she already has everything she needs. One way to make her smile is to create a jewelry keepsake piece that shows her how important she is in your life. Teaming up with your siblings will give you the ability to give her something truly special. The following are just a few ideas to inspire you.

A Mother's Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets never truly go out of style, and there are many different types and designs to choose from to make it easy to match that special mother's style. For the woman that prefer clean lines and classic design, consider an Italian charm bracelet. This style uses flat tiles that link together. Each tile is decorated with a different design. For a more feminine look, the European style fits the bill, since it uses ornate beads that feature carvings or etchings of the charms. And, of course, the traditional dangle charm bracelet is always a choice for a mom with a more whimsical style. Choose the charms so they represent each child or grandchild, effectively turning a charm bracelet into a mother's bracelet.

The Mother's Ring

Mother's rings have been a staple piece of jewelry for many generations, so they are an excellent choice if your recipient enjoys traditional jewelry along with heartfelt mementos. These rings are traditionally made of gold or white gold, although platinum is also a choice. Then, the ring is set with the birthstone of each child or grandchild. In some cases, the mother's and father's birthstones are also added.

Mother's Necklaces

Much like a ring, a mother's necklace is also a reminder of each of her children or grandchildren. The difference is that there is a lot more choice for style. One popular design features a pendant that resembles a tree and each branch is adorned with a child's birthstone. You can also go very sleek and modern with a simple chain adorned with a pendant bar featuring each birthstone. If gems aren't your mother's style, then consider having a pendant engraved with each child's name.


For the true traditionalist, nothing beats a locket These can be as simple or ornate as desired. They are also available in a multitude of shapes from simple ovals to pretty hearts. Traditionally lockets had a picture and perhaps a lock of hair inside. Modern lockets may have a picture, or they may simple house an engraving of names or birthdates. It's also common to have birthstones set on the front of the locket.

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