Broke The Chain Links On Your Jewelry?: Options Jewelry Stores Offer To Fix, Replace And/Or Discard The Jewelry

It does not matter if it is costume jewelry or the finest and purest gold link necklace, breaking some of the links can make your heart sink. Before you throw that jewelry in the trash, take it to a jewelry store. Here are some options offered by jewelry stores that can help you decide what to do with those broken links on your favorite necklaces, bracelets, watches and even earrings.

Fix the Links

Believe it or not, even the tiniest and finest gold chains have links that a jeweler can repair. By placing the broken links under a jeweler's scope and using the special tools for these kinds of repairs, the jeweler can carefully reconnect the two ends of the broken chain and close the linking chain loop tightly over both ends. He or she might even use a little hot solder or cold solder to make sure the links cannot pull apart again without some extreme force. This type of repair can be performed on cheap metal jewelry as well as expensive and valuable jewelry made of precious metals.

Trade the Old Chain for a New One

If you do not want to repair the old chain, you could just buy a new one from the jewelry store. They sell all lengths of chains for any type of jewelry, and can attach the watch face, bracelet baubles and pendants with ease. Sometimes, the repair cost for numerous breaks in a jewelry chain make it more expensive than just replacing the chain itself, so this may be an option to consider when you walk into the store.

Convert and Transform the Piece

Sometimes old pendants can be converted and transformed into rings, or precious stones may be removed and used to create a set of earrings. While you may be losing the chain, the rest of the piece becomes a whole new piece of jewelry and utilizes most of the old piece to create it. This has become a popular move for family heirlooms where the chain links have broken but family members do not want to give up the piece entirely.

Sell the Old Gold and Silver for Cash

As a last resort, you could just sell the broken jewelry for cash or store credit. Then maybe you could find something else that would become your new favorite piece of jewelry. At least then you would not feel as though you lost something important, but that you gained something better instead. Contact a business, such as Ardie's Coins Inc ., for more information.