Heading To A Music Festival This Summer? Here’s How To Nail The Boho-Chic Look

It's no secret that the hot look at any summer music festival is the boho-chic look that combines 1960s styles with a more tasteful, comfortable air including lace and fringe accents. If you've already purchased your tickets, then the next step in getting the most out of the summer festival circuit is to get the right outfit. Here are some tips for nailing this look this year so you can stand out in the (massive) crowd. 

Floppy Sun Hat

Getting a big, floppy sun hat for a summer music festival is a quintessential case of form meeting function. The big straw hats of the 1960s are quickly coming back into style, especially when paired with a pair of large sunglasses. Plus, these hats will keep you cool and save your skin from a sunburn, which is a blessing by around 3 PM when the sun has been beating down on you all day. 

Lots of Rings and Necklaces

Another hallmark of the boho-chic look is ample gold and silver jewelry, costume of course. Having a couple rings on each hand is never frowned upon, but make sure to keep it simple if you don't want to look like you're wearing brass knuckles. Small designs like a star, moon, or a nautical figure are perfect for an accent ring that you can wear on any finger for some added pop in your outfit. Also, long necklaces are in when it comes to boho-chic fashion, as is layering your jewelry, so thin gold chains and pendant necklaces should serve you well. A company like Moonglow Jewelry can give you more help.

Light Wash Denim

If there's any one idea that this look emulates, it's time-honored and laid back, and few fabrics give off this air quite like stonewashed, light denim. Shorts and jeans work well in these fabrics for summer music festivals because they are surprisingly lightweight (especially if you can find linen denim, which is a rarity but extremely breathable) and the light color keeps you cooler than a light-absorbing dark wash. 


Similar to light wash denim, suede is like a cooler, more laid-back alternative to leather accessories. Big pieces like suede skirts can give you a hippie look that would make any Flower Child jealous, and even accents like suede sandals or a bracelet will bolster your look. When picking out a color, go for an earthy tone rather than something like blue or white suede, since the whole crux of the boho-chic look is meant to invoke an age where clothing was simpler and color schemes leaned more natural than synthetic.