Love Snakes? Here Are Some Pieces Of Jewelry To Buy

If you're someone who has a love for snakes — perhaps because you own one as a pet — you may love to buy snake-related products. If you're looking to add more snake-related products to your collection and you're also an avid jewelry lover, you'll be happy to learn that many jewelry stores carry a selection of snake-related items. Regardless of the type of jewelry that you're seeking, you can probably find a snake version of it. Here are some examples.

Snake Bracelet

The long, thin shape of a snake makes it a perfect type of creature for bracelet designs, and there are plenty of different snake-inspired bracelets that may catch your eye. A common style actually looks like a snake that is wrapped into a circle shape so that you can slide it over your arm. This piece of jewelry can come in a variety of colors; it could be a simple gold or silver hue, or it could actually be painted to accurately mimic the snake it is depicting.

Snake Necklace

Although you'd never want a real snake close to your neck, you may love the idea of a snake-inspired necklace. Some necklaces are thick and designed to actually mimic a snake that has wrapped its way around your neck and is hanging partway down on your chest. In other scenarios, you'll find simple snake-shaped pendants that hang from a chain. These pieces of jewelry can range from subtle to overt. If you want to quietly show your love of snakes, a small pendant may suit you. However, if you're eager to show off your passion for this reptile, you'll have no trouble finding something that is bigger.

Snake Ring

A snake ring might be another snake-inspired piece of jewelry that appeals to you. Its circular shape means that it shares some design similarities with snake bracelets. Often, a snake ring will be made to appear as those the snake is winding its way around your finger. There are snake rings in various sizes. Some are narrow and won't take up any more space on your finger than a conventional ring. Others are longer and more spread out, sometimes taking up much of the space between your knuckles. In addition to the products that it has on display, your local jewelry retailer may be able to order in certain types of snake jewelry, too.

Look for a jewelry shop near you to see what's available.