Fun Ways To Use Wholesale Jewelry For A Fundriaser

Fundraising is one of the easiest ways to raise the money you need to support your cause, whether it is buying new team jerseys for the school team or trying to get enough money for a trip. While there are a ton of fundraising opportunities and ideas available, there are many that have been conducted so many times, the general public is bound to be ready to see something else. So, instead of going for selling candles, flowers, or even cookie dough to raise money, it is a good idea to consider what you could do with wholesale jewelry that may help boost your fundraising efforts. 

Host a jewelry auction online. 

Invest in several pieces of wholesale jewelry, such as from Esprit Creations, whether it is necklaces, earrings, or otherwise, and host an online auction using a free website hosting service. The key to making this work is to make sure you get the word out about the event and to take excellent photos of the items you plan to auction. You can post pictures on your website and allow patrons to submit sealed bids via an on-site entry form or you can g a little more complex and have a live auction listing that lasts for several days and the final bidder before time is up is the winner. 

Raffle off wholesale jewelry collections. 

Raffles are always a good way to raise funds because most people don't mind chipping in a dollar or two for the chance to win something nice, and jewelry collections are definitely a worthy prize. Find a public place to display what you will be raffling off. For example, you could set up a display case in the entryway of your school or building along with a sign announcing the raffle and how to obtain tickets. The simple secret to making a raffle the most effective is to offer something that most people will want, so be careful to pull together a collection of jewelry that many people will be interested in winning.

Construct a jewelry magazine to collect funds. 

If you have very little funding to work with to get the fundraiser started, you may want to go with a traditional route of selling to raise funds. To do this with wholesale jewelry, find a reputable distributor and use their product images and descriptions to create a small booklet or pamphlet to hand out to patrons. Make sure you mark up the prices on jewelry pieces enough that you can make a profit, and start collecting orders from interested parties. Once the sales period has ended, you can submit your order for the jewelry pieces you need at wholesale prices and keep the profits to fund your organization or cause.