How To Remove Watch Links Easily

Watch bands made of metal usually have several links that connect together, and they can be removed or added in order to adjust the size of the watch to your wrist. You don't have to take your watch to the jeweler and pay a lot of money in order to make these simple adjustments. In fact, most watches are made so that the wearer can remove or replace the links themselves. Here are some steps to take so you can remove links to adjust your watch size at home.

Measure the Watch

Before you decide how many links you need to remove, be sure you measure the watch carefully so you don't remove too many. Put your watch on, and then close the clasp securely. Then, turn your wrist over so you can see the bottom of the watch where the clasp is located. Gather the band tightly until it fits in a way that is comfortable on your wrist. You'll be able to tell how many links you need to take out at this point, and count how many there are. Keep in mind that it is easier to remove links, so if you are unsure, remove one less than you think at first and you can always remove one more if it's still too loose.


You will need a very small tool with a sharp end such as a pin pusher or spring bar removal tool to take the links off. You will also need a pair of needle nose pliers, a small hammer, and a screwdriver. Make sure you have a clean work space and a small tray to put the parts in as you work. Watch parts are tiny, so you don't want them to get lost in the shuffle as you're working. 

Removing Links

Using the spring removal tool, gently push the bar inside of the link forward until it pops out. You may be able to pull it out with your fingers once you've pushed it out enough to grasp it. Use the pliers to help give you a better grip as you pull. Most links have two pins, so make sure you've removed them both before you pull it loose. Repeat this process until you have successfully removed all the links you need to. Now you can begin to reattach the rest of the watch back to the end of the band. Using the small hammer and the pins you removed from other links, gently tap it back into place into the connecting link. Now you should have a nicely fitting watch you can enjoy in comfort.

Contact a local jewelry service for professional help with watch or jewelry repair.