Three Things To Know About Buying Jewlery From A Pawnshop

When searching for the perfect piece of jewelry, it is important to take the time to consider all of the options available to you. Many people make the mistake of assuming that a jewelry store is a better place to buy a piece of jewelry than a pawnshop. This is not the case at all. The following guide walks you through a few things that you may not know about the jewelry that is available at a pawnshop.

Jewelry Is Tested to Ensure Quality

Pawnshops use a testing kit to test every piece of jewelry that comes into their shop. They make sure that the jewelry is made using authentic gold, silver, or platinum. They also test to determine if the stones in the pieces of jewelry are real. This ensures that you only buy quality pieces of jewelry like you would find at a jewelry store when you shop at a pawnshop.

A Jeweler May Be On Site

Many pawnshops employ a certified jeweler to inspect, clean, and repair jewelry for them. The jeweler will have gone through specific training to be able to identify, grade, and ensure the quality of many different types of jewelry. If a pawnshop does not employ a jeweler on site, they should have a jeweler that they work with on a regular basis. Before buying a piece of jewelry from the pawnshop, you can ask for the shop to have the jewelry authenticated by a professional jeweler to ensure that it is a quality piece.

Jewelry Can be Sized to Fit Properly

If you try on a piece of jewelry and find that it does not fit you well, many pawnshops have the equipment necessary to size the jewelry for you for an additional fee. Jewelry that has intricate details on it or that has been sized many times before may be difficult to size, but that does not mean that it is impossible for the jeweler to do it. He or she will inspect the piece and let you know what steps need to be taken to size it for your needs.

When you buy jewelry from a pawnshop, be sure that you learn what their return policy is before you leave the store. If you are buying the jewelry for someone else and it is not the style that they want, being able to return or exchange it will be important. For more information, contact a company like Desert Jewelry Mart & Coins.