Take Your Little Black Dress From Corporate To Cocktail In Seconds

There isn't always time for a complete outfit change when you have plans after work, but a good little black dress goes from corporate to cocktail with ease. In fact, a little black dress in one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that a woman can own. Check out these tips to learn how to transform your work-appropriate little black dress into an outfit fit for a night on the town.

Choose the Right Dress Style

In order for your little black dress to work for both the office and the bar, you'll need to choose an office-appropriate dress that will still look good in the evening. Empire-waist and V-waist style dresses are tighter around the bust and flare out around the hem. Both styles can be work-appropriate as long as they aren't too low cut for the office. A-line or pencil-cut dresses are also great options, but they do cling to your body. In order to for them to be considered appropriate office wear, pair them with a long, fitted blazer. Then, remove the blazer at the end of the work day.

Add Bold Accessories

Adding bold accessories to your little black dress spices up the dress for your night out.

  • Add a colorful statement scarf to your A-line or mermaid-cut dress. In addition to adding a punch of color, it contrasts with the structured style of dress.
  • Wear knee-highs or nylons with bold patterns under your empire- or V-waist style dress to draw attention to your legs.
  • Replace reserved jewelry with trendy fashion jewelry that makes a statement. A simple change, such as replacing your classic stud earrings with a fabulous pair of chandelier earrings, completely changes the vibe of your outfit. You can also add layers of bracelets, rings, or necklaces for an edgier look.
  • Change your shoes. Bright-colored heels look fabulous with little black dresses, so ditch the black slingbacks as soon as you leave the office.
  • Trade in your roomy tote bag for a glitzy clutch. Not only does a clutch compliment a little black dress, but switching it up means that you'll have less to carry.

Refresh Your Makeup

If you're like most women, you keep your makeup toned down while you're at work. Before you leave the office, apply darker shades of eye shadow and liner to create a smokey-eye look or spice up your look by applying bold, red lipstick.

It doesn't take much effort to transform a little black dress from a daytime to nighttime look. With the right accessories and a little makeup, you'll be ready for your night out in no time.